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Divorce Assistance

California Divorce Attorney

Our firm provides valuable legal services to individuals going through a divorce. We place an emphasis on value rather than volume—choosing to provide dedicated service to clients during this difficult time. At the law firm of Bonnie Baker, Attorney at Law, we offer divorce services that protect your personal and financial future.

Bonnie Baker has over thirty years experience helping clients reach satisfying divorce settlement agreements. Years of experience helping parents after they stop being marriage partners has given us a unique, non-confrontational approach which is designed to leave the family intact even if there are two separate households. Contact our office today to arrange your free 15 minute consultation.

Division of community property

California is a community property state. This means that property, assets and debt that were acquired during the course of the marriage are considered community property. Community property is divided during divorce so that each spouse receives an equal division of the net value of the property.

Property division can present various accounting issues that our staff is adept at handling. We are experienced in identifying assets, including assets that may be "hidden". Our firm has a reputation for fighting for our clients' best interests and ensuring their rights are protected as property is divided.

Child support

Child support in California is determined by statutory guidelines. The statutory formula considers factors such as the income of each parent and the time spent with each child. It is possible, however, to deviate from the guidelines in certain circumstances.

Child custody and visitation

For parents going through a divorce, child custody arrangements are often a primary concern in the divorce process. Our firm provides practical legal help that keeps the best interest of the children in mind. Our firm places an emphasis on identifying the right legal solution for you.

Additionally, our firm provides paralegal services to family law clients who need assistance with document preparation. This can be a cost effective option for some clients.

Our firm also provides representation in mediation. In many situations we may encourage mediation as a method to resolve a divorce. Mediation is a less adversarial approach to reaching divorce settlement agreements. Please contact our firm today to arrange your free 15 minute consultation to learn more.

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